Strange problems with Fileserver

We are experiencing some strange but urgent problems with our Fileserver. The server is an HP proliant DL100 G2 1 TB NAS storage server running Windows 2003 sorage. Late last week we started getting problems with users having trouble accessing their PST files that are located on this server, this progressed into files not being accessed and very slow response times with the server. A quick look at the server event viewer found a program called HDWATCHDOG that was giving errors, looked up errors on web found a few other people with the same issues and said they had to get the RAID Controller replaced. Called HP and of course the part is on backorder, so while we are waiting on the new part from HP we have been getting other odd little problems. Users are getting access denied messages when trying to copy, move, delete files. Certain programs that might map a drive to the server stop working, unmap the drive it starts functioning again.

My question is do you think these strange problems could be related to the RAID Controller going bad, or do you think I am dealing with a virus of some type?
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twandersonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Last night while performing some maintenance on another server we heard a loud high pitched noise coming from this server, we could reproduce the noise everytime we performed a function on the server. We narrowed the noise down to a hard drive in one of the bays. Removed the hard drive and all of our problems have gone away. I would not have thought that a hard drive that was part of a raid could give these type of problems. The drive never did show any failures through LED or management software.

If the RAID controller is flakey then all storage is going to be flakey as well.

I hope this helps !
Malli BoppeCommented:
I don't think replacing the raid controller would fix the problems.Does any of the HP tools tell you about RAID controller being in defraded state or some thing like that.
I would suggest you to check with HP about RAID controller to find,if they had any known issues with that.
I suspecting this to do with memory leek or page pool memory.I might be wrong or server getting over loaded.
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