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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Here is my situation:

I have a site in Tampa Bay that is connected to a central site in Lexington, KY.  The connection between the 2 is a point to point T-3 line.  They are connected via 7200 series Cisco routers and 4500 series switches.  The internal networks are all GB ethernet.

We are trying to re-establish SQL Replication between the sites and to do so, we need to copy the snapshot of the DB from TB to Lexington in a timely manner.  The DB in zipped for will be between 40-50GB.  

When we start a normal copy (windows), we get around T-1 line speeds.  This would mean it would take over 3 days to copy.   We can't seem to break that T-1 barrier for a SINGLE file transfer and have determined that it is due to the fact that we are not using multiple threads for the copy.  

My question is, are there any settings on the router to help better performance or at least allow a thread to take up more bandwidth (even if it's only temporary)?  

Does this question make sense?

Chris, Baltimore
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First thing I would check to see is that there is not some type of bandwidth throttling going on.

Second thing, is use FTP, not Windows copy.  NETBIOS/Samba copy is SLOW, SLOW, SLOW.  Oh, did I mention that NETBIOS/Samba copy is SLOW.   Even as slow as NETBIOS copies are, I would think it would get a bit better than 1.5 Mbps on a 45 Mbps link, unless there is bandwidth throttling going on.  

Its not the router settings, is basically the fact that NETBIOS only sends a small chunck of data (IIRC about 4K) at a time and then waits for an ACK from the remote side.  Add to that the fact that typically IP will send two packets of data and wait for an ACK.  There is not a whole lot you can do about that.

Now, if you setup a FTP server at the remote site and use a good ftp client you can easily drive the T3 to 100% utilization.  So if everything works fine people will hate you for about 3 hours as you use up the whole T3.  :)

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clebo99Author Commented:
Thanks......this is kind of what I thought and I needed some outside verification for the client.  

Perfect answer....thanks again!!!
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