NT Backup LTO Drive

I keep getting this error when i try adn run a backup job.  Basically i have a Win2003 server Viper 200 Ultrium 1 LTo drive, runing NTbackup. The drive sees the media begins the job and then fails.  I have tried several different tapes.  Note the tapes are in my Media set and have been used for a while now.  This error jsut started happening.  I have run cleaning tapes several times to no avail.  Any ideas?  NT backup and MMC sees my tape just fine.  So i would think that eliminates the SCSI card!
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Try running a backup/restore via the LTO management software, for example if you have a HP drive use the HP Library Tape & Tools software to do a check. It could be something simple that gets reported.
The "Bad Data" error is generic in nature and can be caused by many factors. The following list contains the most common reasons for this error and potential solutions:

1.  Contaminated read/write heads of the tape device. Running 3-4 consecutive cleaning cycles will usually resolve this problem.
2.  Bad media.  
3.  Tape head alignment problems. This would require replacing the tape device.
4.  SCSI transfer rate to the tape device is too fast. Use the manufacturer's SCSI setup program to lower the transfer rate.
5.  Disable the sync negotiation to the tape device in the SCSI setup program.
6.  Check/replace the SCSI cable or terminator.
7.  Isolate the tape drive on its own controller card

hope this will help

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Are you also running the backup as a local/domain administrator and/or backup operator?
NDB1234Author Commented:
Thanks all--I am going to replace the LTO drive all indications leads to the heads being warn out.
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