Automate installation of SP1 of Office 2007

We have Office 2007 deployment through a GPO. When we reinstall a OS on a machine, at start-up the machine automatically install MS Office 2007. What is a good way to automate the installation of SP1 onto the Office 2007.

I thought about running a script at start-up that quietly installs SP1, but that would not work because that needs to happen after Office 2007 installs. Sometimes it takes up to 3 restarts for Office 2007 to fully install.

My only option that I thought of was to Slip-Stream SP1 into Office 2007. Is this possible?

Any other ideas of how to automate the installation of SP1? All ideas are welcome.
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pzozulkaAuthor Commented:
I tried that, it doesn't pick up the SP1. Could it be because I am deploying it through Group Policy?
I am pointing to \\server\share\MS_OFFICE_2007\ProPlus.WW\ProPlusWW.msi.

However the updates folder is found in the root directory of MS_OFFICE_2007:

Any ideas?
Could you make one installation locally and then put it on server?
pzozulkaAuthor Commented:
Yes, I think this only works if you try to run the .exe file from the same parent directory as the updates folder. However, we are deploying Office 2007 through GPO thus we are directly pointing to the .msi in the subfolder ProPlus.WW.
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