Restoring sharepoint website on virtual machine, dll's missing

Let me start this by saying I have very little experience with Sharepoint.

I am trying to restore a production moss site onto a virtual machine. I've restored the site and am getting an error that some dll's are missing. I have gone to the production GAC and copied the dll's that are being asked for into the GAC on my virtual machine. But I continue to get the same error. What am I missing?

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rdcproConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The approach I use is a bit different than what you've attempted.
  1. Create the virtual machine
  2. Install SharePoint in a farm scenario.
  3. Create the web applications/site collections on the new environment.  This is mainly to get the appropriate entries in the configuration database, and set up IIS at the same time.
  4. Restore your existing farm's database backup(s) to the new virtual database server.  I choose a name that makes sense, such as old db:  wss_content_WebAppName  new db: wss_content_WebAppName_1  so that I can tell which ones relate to each other, and which one is the latest DB.
  5. Detach the content database(s) on the new virtual farm.
  6. Attach the database(s) that you restored from backup.
Mike Sharp

Can you post the errors you are getting.  I assumed you've tried restarting IIS and all that restarting stuff right?

Oh, I should have added one other step.  Don't forget to redeploy any custom code you've developed.  I usually do that last, after I've re-attached the database(s).

Mike Sharp
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