Using phrase predict on a combo box on a userform in MS ACCESS ?


I have a combo box on a user form that is used to view information on members stored on a database.

This specific combox searches for members based on their last name. I have enabled phrase predict on the box, however, it does not suggest names as I start typing out the name....what could be wrong?

As a result, i must type out the exact last name (more time consuming) ... or look it up in the drop down list.

Thanks in advance!
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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:

The Phase Predict setting has absolutely nothing to do with the combobox auto-completing.
Before using any property you are unsure about, always press F1 for help.

Setting the "AutoExpand" property to "Yes" should do this for you (as was already suggested).

If not, then perhaps you changed other properties that may have affected the normal operation of the combobox.
(comboboxes as set to "AutoExpand" by default.)

Try simply re-creating the combobox from scratch *without* changing any other settings.

So in the properties of your combo box, "Auto Expand" is set to "Yes"?
IncitefulAuthor Commented:
yes. "auto expand" is set to "Yes".
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IncitefulAuthor Commented:
attached is an image of the properties on the box.
SeanStricklandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Two ideas:

1) Try adding DISTINCT to your rowsource per this link:

2) Try deleting the combo box and re-creating it.  I've heard that sometimes combo boxes corrupt?
IncitefulAuthor Commented:
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