What is needed to power an Xbox 360 in my car?

I am going on a long 25 hour drive with my family and I would like to play my Xbox360 on the way. I bought a screen that connects to the top of my 360 so visually it wont be a problem connecting it, however, I need some way to plug the system in and to be powered by the car without destroying the car or anything electronic. I have thought about an inverter but I have heard they aren't powerful enough for the system and may break something. Any suggestions on what I can use? Or any suggestions on what I can use to prevent the system from moving or bouncing around so the discs are not damaged would be greatly appreciated as well.
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At the moment, a power invert is your only option (it would have enough power). Under the seat would provide the best cushion but heat would be an issue.

Input 100 - 127V - 5A
 Output DC 203W
 12V @ 16.5A
 5V @ 1A
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
I think you're being a bit ambitious - the XBox360 draws between 4 & 5 Amps which means you are going to need an inverter that can provide at least 500 (and really nearer 700) Watts
Please refer to this article and power consumption for the consoles (Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

The article shows the Xbox 360 has a peak power usage of 186.5 watts, more than enough for a converter.

Power consumption playing DVD movies: 126.6 Watts
Power Consumption with HD DVDs: 148.7w
Idle: 157.54w
Standby: 2.5w

So a normal inverter for your vehicle that supplies 200w of power is more than enough for your video game console for any usage. Yes a power inverter is your absolute best option and since you can't mount the system anyplace if you have an open seat in your car to strap it down with a seatbelt, a DVD hanging case that would hang on the back of a seat, on the floor. You may want to have the system standing up for better ventilation in the vehicle.

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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
a bit more on the ventilation ...
the 360 heats up a lot, and so you may also want to consider a cooling component.  i can't imagine what turning on the heat in your car might do to the console...   probably much like running a computer in front of a heater... or even running a computer in a small, confined space...  bad news.

so you'll not only want to block the console from the car's heating system, but you'll also want to consider installing some kind of cooling system that prevents heat build up.
CoZZy336Author Commented:
The new update on the Xbox 360 that allows you to download your games to your hard drive and then play it from that should prevent me from ruining any discs now that i think about it, but are there any products in specific that would work, i wouldn't know what to look for or if it would even be the right thing.....what are specific inverters that would work...or converter if you are positive it will not blow anything electronicly
The converter will plug into your cigarette lighter. You can go to a Walmart, Gamestop< Best Buy or other electronics strore. The inverters will be in the video game section and have labeled on there works with this or that system.

Brand Name: Intec, makes a power converter just for the 360.

Here are some people who have tried/done the same thing you are looking for. May help before you actually buy anything. Reading and thinking more, depending on the wattage of the lcd screen you may want to get something that is just more than 200w so it is not struggling or maxing out on power.

I also saw some 200w power inverters for about $25-$30 low quality. And some better ones running $60-$99
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