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I created an automation rule that will take an email that comes in and create two additional tickets. The original email has one or more attachments that need to be added to the other tickets. How can I get the automation rule to copy the attachment to the other to tickets it creates?  I know I need an HDQUERY but I'm note sure how to write it.
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IcontechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We found another way around it after Altiris told us that would be available in the next version of the HD. The way we have our system set up people send emails to the same mailbox that they used to use then we forward the emails to another mailbox that Altiris pulls from though AD so we have a copy of all emails that come in. We went into the mailbox that people send their emails to and setup a rule to forward emails from the email address that all these tickets will come from and forward them to two new mailboxes. Then we set Altiris to pull from those two mailboxes and put them in the correct queues.
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