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Script to list All Services and logon account information

I need a VB {or any type} of script to list the services running on a remote server.
In addition to their name I need the ability to list the owner of the service and if possible the ability to change either the name or password.

Listing the service name & owner is the first phase.
The others are a bonus.  
I swore I saw something out on the net just can't find it.

Thanks in advance..

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1 Solution
depending on your os, windows xp, vista have a builtin utility tasklist

at a command prompt type

tasklist /? to get the usage.

there are also other, one well know is sysinternals (now ms) pslist.exe

tasklist /S \\remotepc

Good luck!
as far as changing password you can use adsi scripting

Set UserObj = GetObject("WinNT://YourDomain/UserID")
UserObj.ChangePassword "oldpassword", "newpassword"
Set UserObj = Nothing

the environment variables should be sufficient as well for displaying account information

from a command prompt or script you can echo out the variables


for a full list run the "SET" command

You can use the vbscript from this article to list all services and the accounts which they are running under:

The easiest way to change a service username and password is with the sc config command, e.g.
sc <\\servername> config <service> obj= <domain\account> password= <password>

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