Sending Mail of of 2k7 with existing 2k3 server

I opened this question yesterday and really didn't get resolution, so i did some more testing and have this to offer.  I have a 2k3 server that is currently the main exchange server.  I just installed 2k7 on a fresh box and will be migrating over.  Everything seemed to be set up per technet correctly. the admin groups and routing connectors are set up.  I can send mail from the outside to a mailbox on 2k7 and i can recieve it. But i can't reply.  So mail is not going out of the 2k7 box through 2k3 like it should.  Where can i begin to look for issues?  Do i have to create a send connector on 2k7?
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MrLonandBConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Take a look at the article below and see if you may have missed something in configuring your EX2007 machine to co-exist with 2003:
Do you have a Smart Host defined in the SMTP Virtual Server on the 2003 machine? If so, remove it. If you still need the Smart Host, setup an SMTP connector for it.
Disregard my last post...I read your question wrong. Sorry.
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Did you have pre-existing SMTP Connectors on the 2003 machine? If so, the 2007 install should have picked them up. Anyway...

What do you currently you have an SMTP Connector configured for a Smart Host, or just what? Can you tell where the outgoing messages are being stalled...are they in the queues on either machine? And you can send internally from a mailbox on the 2007 machine, just not externally, right?

jasonmichelAuthor Commented:
i haven't set any smtp connectors up on 2k7.. i can send mail from 2k3 and 2k7 mailboxes internally just fine and i can send from outside into 2k7 just fine..just 2k7 outside that i am having issues..  they are staying in the 2k7 queue..below is one

Identity: BVEXSRV01\Unreachable\37
Subject: RE:
Internet Message ID: <>
From Address:
Status: Ready
Size (KB): 2
Message Source Name: FromLocal
Source IP:
SCL: -1
Date Received: 11/18/2008 2:36:49 PM
Expiration Time: 11/20/2008 2:36:49 PM
Last Error: A matching connector cannot be found to route the external recipient
Queue ID: BVEXSRV01\Unreachable
Before you installed 2007, how were you routing your outbound mail...using a SmartHost, DNS...or what? Or let me ask it this you have an SMTP Connector on your 2003 machine?
jasonmichelAuthor Commented:
i didn't set up the initial 2k3 server..but if i go under the 2k3 server and protocols and smtp i see the default SMTP virtual server..and if i go under the advanced menu of the delivery tab..i don't see a smart host entered..just masquerade domain and FQDN
jasonmichelAuthor Commented:
i figured it out earlier..i just created a send connector on the 2k7 box to route mail using DNS MX thanks for the help though
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