Locked down machine; can get in as Administrator but it won't save any setting changes after restart

I have an XP Pro machine, a room full actually.. that are locked down to the point where any time I try to change the network settings from Static to DHCP, it totally reverts the change when I restart the computer..  

Reloading every machine is not really a viable option..  where do I go to check what is locking these machines down?  I looked around in GPEdit and nothing is configured.  I didn't see any other weird scripts running at start up..  
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aconwayConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
No server, no.. and I figured it out.. the systems use a program called Deep Freeze.. I was able to get the "magic keystroke" that lets me access the system, so I am able to do what I need now..!

Are these systems on a Domain? If so, Group Policy may be enforced from the server. If not, there should be a setting in GPEDIT as you mentioned.
Under Group Policy on your local system please check this area.
User Configuration
Administrative Templates
Network Connections
On the right side there are several items. One of which is "Prohibit TCP/IP advanced configuration"

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