OWA Redirect Under IIS 7

I have Exchange 2007 SP1 running on Windows Server 2008 and am trying to get http to automatically redirect to https. I have been trying to adapt the TechNet instructions at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa998359.aspx for this purpose but am flailing.

Prior to making any changes, I verified that the https address worked. I made the changes, adding a redirect page. Now, when I go to http://outlook.company.com it shows the redirect page and attempts the redirect. However, the actual page https://outlook.company.com/owa fails.Going directly to that https page also fails.

Any thoughts on where I might have messed up?

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NordicEISConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solved this myself. The "trick" is to enable the redirection on the Default Web Site but disable it on the /owa subidirectory. Now things are working properly. Thanks.
well if going directly to https fails then i would not even bother with the redirect.
are you trying it from internal, or external.

NordicEISAuthor Commented:
The https only started failing when I set up the redirect. I am not sure which step could have caused that.
NordicEISAuthor Commented:
Ah, so the problems seems to be with my "HTTP Redirect" page on the Default Web Site. When I check the "Redirect requests to this destination" box and using only /owa, it does not work. When I disable that, it works.It does not seem to matter if I enter the relative path or the full path in that field. I am not sure what to do with various Redirect Behavior options.
Hi NordicEIS....I have the same problem and I'm following the same Microsoft article....but can't get http to redirect to https...was wondering if you could provide me with your steps. Thx
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