stop c0000135 winsrv not found blue screen

I just finished updating a Dell Inspiron 1100 with service pack 3.  Now all I get is a blue screen with stop: c0000135 unable to locate component  this application has failed to start because winsrv was not found.  Reinstalling the application may fix  the problem.
I cannot boot into safe mode and i do not have a xp disc.  Is there a way to get to the recovery console other than an xp start up disk?
Can I download a start up disk off this xp system to use to boot from?
Can I just reinstall the winsrv somehow?  or simply delete service pack 2?
I was updating based upon windows critical updates, I have no idea how long it has been since this system was updated with anything.  It had several viruses, trojans and malware, but when i tried to load avg, it wanted me to upgrade xp.
Please help.  I am locked on the blue screen and can't get anywhere.
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chrisdunn_6Connect With a Mentor Commented:
went further in the link for you

Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)
For information about the Setup boot disk versions that are available for download, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:
Windows XP Home Edition SP2 (

Windows XP Professional SP2 (
Step 2: Run the Setup disk program to create the Setup disks
When you download the Setup disks, the download contains only one large program file. When you run the downloaded file, it extracts the files. You receive the following message:
This program creates the Setup boot disks for Windows XP. To create these disks, you need to provide 6 blank, formatted, high-density disks.

Please specify the floppy drive to copy the images to:
Type the drive letter for the floppy disk drive (this is typically drive A). After you type the floppy disk drive letter, you receive the following message:
Insert one of these disks into drive drive letter:. This disk will become the Windows XP Setup Boot Disk.

Press any key when you are ready.
When you press a key, the downloaded file starts to extract and copy the files. Continue to insert the blank disks as you are prompted to do this until all six disks are created. If the process is interrupted, you must run the downloaded program file again to create all six disks.

Make sure that you label each disk appropriately with the number that is specified by the program. You must use the disks in the correct order during the Setup process.
Anytime you are that badly infected you should reinstall. But here is the solution you wanted.
rdaniels08Author Commented:
Thank you, I was able to get back into the system.  I appreciate your help
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