item '12345678' does not pass validation test

I changed a text column limit on a datawindow from 7 to 8 (I changed SQL server Db column length as well), then run this application, enter a text with length of 8 and got an error:
Item 12345678 does not pass validation test. I do not find any validation rule with this column and do not find any validation rule from Database painter either.
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ced888Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Your Column Specification is still in the old char(7) thus the error occurs. When you change the DB column length, changing the text column limit is not enough.

Try looking at the column specifications and you can see the type still indicates char(7). You can change this by either editing the source of the datawindow or you can go to SQL of the datawindow and select then unselect the column whose length has changed. This will force the datawindow to get the new column sepcification of the column.
sijinleiAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for the information!
The problem is that I do not know where is the "SQL of the datawindow" or how to edit the "source of the datawindow"
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