DFSR on an Original Server 2003 install that has sp2 and S2003 R2

Practacing with the DFSM and ?s

I am wonderng if I can use the DFS Management console on my orginal Server 2003 box.  It is not Server 2003 R2, but I have done the ADprep to add other Server 2003 R2 to my AD.  On the box in question I have server 2003 with SP2 on it, with all other appropriate windows updates.

I was also wondering where is the install for the DFS Management Console on the R2 disk?  

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Joseph DalyCommented:
I dont really know about your first question but to install the DFS managemen from the R2 disk you would go to add remove programs, select windows components, and add distributed file system. This will begin the installation of the DFS management console and the other pieces needed for dfs. At some point you should be prompted to inset your CD for R2. It will complete the setup.

Thats it you have DFS installed.
GarfieldCOAuthor Commented:
Thank you XXDCMAST.

I know have it installed on the server that is 2003 R2.

I have another server that is server 2003, and I was wondering If I could install the application on that server from using disc 2?  
GarfieldCOAuthor Commented:
I am guessing that no one can answer my question about installing the appliacation on a orginal server 2003 R1.  Thanks
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