Intel Pro Wireless 2200bg will not work on sony vaio fs vgnfs115b

Only thing is the wireless is not working.  In the device manager it's as clear as a whistle Intel Pro/Wireless 2200bg and the windows zero configuration is started, the button is on at the lip of the machine.  It's letting windows control the wireless, there is no software - I can't understand it.  Installed the original drivers from the website and it was yellow in the device manager so I uninstalled that - turned off laptop and downloaded the updated software which worked, no yellow but as stated above - not working.
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go to start, control panel, network connections. I your wireless connection listed?
sorry is your wireless connection listed?
if yes right click and click properties. you should see a list of networks if you are near any.
aclfc5Author Commented:
wireless connection is listed in the network connections but not seeing any wireless network in the area through windows or software???
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are you near any? Is your router braoadcasting an ssid.
what software? Did you tick the box in your wireless connection properties to allow windows to manage the adapter.

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aclfc5Author Commented:
Yes Chris - there is my 'Zyxel' wireless network in the workshop.  I did have 'let windows control my wireless network' but this could not find any wireless network (I've done pleanty of these before) so then I downloaded the intel software and that still cannot find any wireless network.  At this stage I'm thinking it might be the wrong version of the Intel 2200bg driver - but if it was the wrong version of the driver why would it be clear in the device mangager. (no yellow)
aclfc5Author Commented:
I gave the machine to another tech friend of mine, and it does not see the wireless in his place either.
sounds like multiproduct driver. The driver isnt yellow because it hasnt reported an error yet. Did you download the driver from intel or your laptop manufacturer?
you should get from vaio not intel.
also is your card switched on?
open the laptop find the card there is sometimes a switch to turn it on and off.
run windows update.
shooting in the dark because Im not entirely sure what is going on.
aclfc5Author Commented:
got the drivers from both vaio and intel, still not working.  I've ordered the cd from 1clickwonder. I don't want to open the laptop, never had to before - just turned the switch on the front lip on or off.  Will let you know what happens next week when I reinstall the os with the cds - hopefully that will sort it out.  Strange one mat, thanks again for your help.
aclfc5Author Commented:
The cd's I got from 1clickwonder worked a treat and the wireless worked straight away.  Whatever drivers i downloaded for the 2200 just didn't.  On this occassion you just had to use the recovery cd.  thanks a thousand for all your help anyway Chris.  Top Man.
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