Keyboard stops working, but the rest of the system works fine

As stated in the title, only the keyboard is freezing. The mouse still works, and I am able to go to the start menu and restart the system to get it working again. Nothing has shown up in the event viewer.

I am looking into this for a customer.

It started on November 6th, but it wasn't a complete freeze of the keyboard. First just the num pad keys froze on the keyboard so he had to use the ones below the F keys. He though that they keyboard was going bad so he bought another one, did not fix the issue, and it has gotten to the point that the whole keyboard freezes and requires a restart.

Tried different USB ports, uninstalling and reinstalling all HID devices and rebooting.

I am thinking that it may have something to do with Outlook, but it is really just a hunch. He said he got a message while in Outlook that said: Keyboard Message: (HTML) or something like that, he didn't write it down. He also just moved from Outlook 2003 to 2007.
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It looks like a virus, there is nothing to do with hardware, try to scan the system with the latest update.
jemiiiAuthor Commented:
I had indeed scanned the computer a few times with a couple different programs, has still been happening though.
Before entering the OS, is it working? with BIOS for example, if so then reinstall the OS, it might be a new virus which is not discovered yet.
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jemiiiAuthor Commented:
I guess I left something out, apologies. It does work, it can be used to do things for a varying amount of time, and then it appears that it randomly freezes. A restart is required to get the keyboard working again.
Try to enter BIOS and stay there for a longer time and see if it freezes or not, if  never freezes then definitely the problem in windows, reinstall it, if freezes then try to reset the BIOS.
Have you tried another keyboard?
check if it stays working if booted from a bootable cd
jemiiiAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone for your input.  Turns out that some previously installed Logitech software was causing the problem.  Uninstalling the software fixed the problem.

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