Using a Cisco 1841 as a firewall?!


I'm doing a job for a client who, as a corporate decision, have purchased a Cisco 1841 router to replace their Cisco PIX 506E.  Several reasons, but the biggest is that they need to do a lot of VoIP traffic to other sites (which will also have 1841s), and apparently the PIX just wasn't up to the task.

To configure that 1841 as a router... how hard is that going to be?  We have the full config in the PIX - is there a nice easy way to copy it over to the router or is that not even possible?

Basically anyone that can provide the most insight on this.  I'm assigning 500 points, to make it worth your while.  I haven't configured a router since i took my CCNA over 4 years ago.  Do i just plug a console cable in, open hyperterminal, and boot it up?  Someone said there was some software loaded on it that would allow it to operate as a firewall (ASA?) - what do you know about that?
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donaldchapellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just use the ACL's from the PIX, they shouldtranslate nicely.  You shouldn't have any issues at all, just be sure to ip any going out and deny all coming in.  You may have some port-object problems, but just using the port numbers with TCP and UDP should be ok.
batry_boyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will also need to apply the ACL to the world facing Ethernet interface.  The command will be:

ip access-group <acl_number> in

where <acl_number is the ACL number.
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