/etc/cron.daily/chkrootkit: The following suspicious files and directories were found: /lib/init/rw/.ramfs INFECTED (PORTS: 6667)

Hi I receive a mail from cron :

The following suspicious files and directories were found:


I do not know what does this mean. Can someone please help me?
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Tha a service using port 6667 is running on your linux!
Port 6667 is usually used by an IRC server

Check what services run to your linux (ps axuf)
toffee_natividadAuthor Commented:
I could not see the port 6667
You dont see a port doing "ps axuf"
You can see a application that runs without your permission...

Telnet <yourip> 6667
Does it open? If yes, means that something listens to that port...
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toffee_natividadAuthor Commented:
how do I do the telnet? I am sorry, should I do it on the windows XP machine command prompt or on that server where it gave me the error?, what command should I run?
toffee_natividadAuthor Commented:
Should I run  netstat -ln ?
yes , netstat -n shoud provide some good info

You do telnet like that:

telnet <erverip> 6667

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