how to connect to two ADSL2 modems via one NIC

I want to use 10 ADSL2 lines on server running windows 2003 server and kerio winroute 6.5
winroute 6.5 is able to load balance internet traffic on these 10 lines.

the problem is that I do not like to use 10 NICs. I want to use only one NIC to access all the 10 ADSL2 modems.

is there any way to do that?
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This is going to get confusing, but...

Put in a 16 port network switch. (I'm picking a number high enough to take 10 ADSL and 1 NIC and it is a common number of ports)

Put an IP Addresses on the NIC for each ADSL modem (You'll need a static IP from each modem with its own seperate address range)  
Set and IP address for each ADSL on the NIC (if they are all in the same range) that is in the same range as the ADSL modems. Set the default route for each IP to the ADSL you want that IP to use.

Load your winroute 6.5 and tell it all of the addresses that it can use to load-balance across from the NIC.

Or... virtualize your server, and run 10 virtual NICs to the one physical NIC from the server OS.

All of these use the same connection to the ADSL  1 - 16port switch.

--The real question is what would the ISP think of 10 ADSL connections tied together?

Alternatively you could purchase some multi-port NICs then you wouldn't need 10 of them.  
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
It somewhat depends on how the ADSL interface with the ISP looks.
For example, if each line / modem has an IP address at your end then what are they?

If they are public addresses then your NIC would have to have an available public address I should think.  And, it may not be on the same subnet as the accessible IP of the modems.
This is very much up to your ISP......

If they are private addresses then you'd want them all to be on the same subnet, and different, and your NIC to be on the same subnet.

How that software you mention works and deals with this is beyond my ken.
AbdusalamAuthor Commented:
not interested anymore.
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