Moving data from Sql server to oracle

Hi ,I have just one table to move from sql server to Oracle 10g .
What would be the easiest way to perform this ?
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ValentinoVConnect With a Mentor BI ConsultantCommented:
An ideal tool for this comes for free with SQL Server and is called Integration Services (SSIS).  You can use this to extract data from your SQL Server source and move it to an Oracle destination.  Although it may not be very straightforward, if you persist you've learned the usage of a very powerful tool.

Some good info on loading data into Oracle can be found here:

And this is a good resource on SSIS connectivity in general:

Info on getting started with SSIS (what you need for your task is a Data Flow component):
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
I would create the table on the oracle server, and with a linked server insert into that table.
alternative would be to export the sql server table into a file that you would load with the oracle loader for example, but usually much more work.
a third option is the reverse of the linked server (pushing from sql server to oracle), using the heterogeneous services create a dblink to the sql server database, then pulling the data from there.
This will take a lot of planning and work because all the triggers are not the same between SQL and ORACLE. Moving the data is one thing getting everything to run after you import is another. My advise is to  stick with SQL because Oracle has a lot more overhead.
gyansAuthor Commented:
I just want one table to be extracted .
I only need the data from the table .it oes not have any indexes or triggers or any other dependency.
I did take it out into an excel spreadsheet. Now how do I get to import from excel spreadsheet into the oracle table .
Would appreciate your help .
create a "LINKED-Server" to oracle.

INSERT INTO LINK_NAME..owner.table_name
select * from sql-server-table
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