ipseccmd in vista

What is the Vista alternative to these commands, as Vista doesnt support ipseccmd.

See code for commands which need to be usable in Vista.

ipseccmd -w REG -p CSFW -o
ipseccmd -w REG -p CSFW -r Host-Gateway -t %vpn_gw% -f %my_subnet%=%vpn_subnet% %keys%
ipseccmd -w REG -p CSFW -r Gateway-Host -t %my_ip%  -f %vpn_subnet%=%my_subnet% %keys%
ipseccmd -w REG -p CSFW -x
rem ipseccmd [\\ComputerName] -f FilterList [-n NegotiationPolicyList] [-t TunnelAddr] [-a AuthMethodList] [-1s SecurityMethodList] [-1k MainModeRekeySettings] [-1p] [-1f MMFilterList] [-1e SoftSAExpirationTime] [-soft] [-confirm] [{-dialup | -lan}]

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CoyotesITConnect With a Mentor Commented:


In Vista it looks like that functionality was added into netsh [ipsec,advfirewall]

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