Internet explorer desktop shortcuts will not open onmultiple users PC's

Since this morning several users on our corporate network have been unable to open internet shortcuts on their desktops. If you open internet explorer and go to favourites and open the link, it opens no problem. Create a shortcut to the desktop and the same link will not open. No errors occur, just wont open.
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ferhadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi kwatt562,

Hope this link will help you.

Best Regards,

Have you try to create new IE shortcuts and see what happens?
Did you check if the associated file to open with the links is Internet Explorer?
I would perform a full AV scan over the network.
Hello kwatt562,

How did you create the shortcut?  

Drag a copy of Favorites to Desktop. It should open IE and the webpage.

The problem may be that you do not have your present version of IE set as default.  Go into IE option menu and select to check if IE is the default. Restart IE. When ask if you want to make IE the default, click YES.

Hope this helps!
kwatt562Author Commented:
Thnaks for the quick response, IE is set as the default browser, have checked and htm are set to open in internet explorer as well. I created a shortcut as you suggested by dragging from favourites to the desktop. As soon as it hits the desktop it will not open. Have also deleted and recreated the shortcuts. Any more suggestions?
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