How can I block internal library sharing while still allowing outside access with iTunes 8.0?

I'm on a corporate Active directory network. We're willing to let some users install itunes, however we want to prevent them from sharing their music over the LAN.
 Allowing itunes internet access is acceptable as far as I'm concerned.
Essentially I just want to force the box to be unchecked under preferences, but no matter what I do it's able to be changed by a user.
 Ive used filemon and regmon to try to find locations that are being changed by this preference with no luck.
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tshscConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Actually I was able to find the solution using parental controls. If you disable sharing through parental controls, only a local admin can change it.
 Apple has a guide out that instructs which registry entries need to be changed to turn this on.
Hi tshsc, I do believe they can share iTunes tracks as they are for personal use only.
The libraries is the only part that can be shared but only with 5 users.
Realistically there is no solution here, once you allow access and sharing of certain files it's impossible to monitor the files and who shares them after this fact.
Probably the best work around is some kind of inhouse streaming radio server that transmits wirelessly to all clients/ I amaze myself actually found a ref to this idea after I wrote it.
How iTunes lets you share

These faq show how to share itunes take a look and see if you can use them in reverse.
Sharing your iTunes library across computers
iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer

Some ideas for the time being maybe we can come up with something else if this is not suitable.
Regards Merete
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