OSPF area interface

I'm setting up a network with a number of OSPF areas with the central site area 0 and a number of remote sites as other areas for example area 5, the question i have is what is the prefered place to have the ABR is it on the router at the main site so area 5 is running across the link or on the router at the remote site so area 0 is running across the link?
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Depends on what your bottlenecks are CPU or bandwidth.  From a CPU perspective it is best to move the area 5 ABR out to the remote site but from a bandwidth perspective it is better to keep it at the main site.
Of course even the above is subjective based on what your network looks like. If area 0 is large this should hold true.

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nappyshockAuthor Commented:
I think in my case bandwidth is the bottleneck so i'll bring the remote areas into the main site.
Could i raise one more issue, there is a link between two of the remote sites- what would your advice be here?
I was under the impression running OSPF across this link would be bad practice as it would create a loop. I was going to exclude the link from OSPF and put static routes at both ends and redistribute these static routes into OSPF, is that the normal practice?

Now with having this second link the question is
1) Do you want to use it as a main link just for the two remote sites to talk?
2) Do you want to use it as a backup just so thoughs two sites can talk incase the primary WAN link fails?
3) Do you want to use it as a backup incase the main link to your entire network goes down at one of the sites?
nappyshockAuthor Commented:
It will be option 3 a backup in case the main link goes down.
A redistributed static is fine as long as you never have to redistribute your OSPF into any other protocol.
You can also keep it in OSPF and then just adjust the COST on the links to never be preferred unless the other link is down.  
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