MS SBS 03 - Rebooted server, now nobody can log into VPN

Last night I restarted the server, and this morning not one person can log into the VPN
I have rebooted again, I have rebooted the router, and the firewall.  I rebooted the DNS server.
Checked / restarted services... Still no VPN.  What could be causing this,  is there something I am missing that I need to check or turn back on?  What all controls the VPNs access?  I am truly at a loss and need some help with ideas
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Adam GrahamConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
Setup the VPN connection on the SBS box itself with the internal IP as the hostname to see if you can establish a connection. If you can you know that the VPN itself is working and you need to look at why you can't get from the outside in. If however you cannot connect locally I would advise you to re-run the Configure Remote Access tool on the To-Do list in Server Management Console on your SBS server and then download the remote client connect tool from the Remote Web Workplace site and try and connect again.

Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Please clarify - is the problem that they can't access the VPN server or that when they log in to the VPN they can't access the network?

In the first case, they would never get a login box when they try to connect.

In the second case, they would get a login box and be able to log in, but after that they wouldn't be able to access or see anything on the network.
just_survivin_12Author Commented:

They get a login box,   Username/ Password and Domain
After they enter this info, they are not able to log in.  It doesnt get past the ( Verifying username/pass)  
I have checked thier accounts, nobody is locked out.  And I also reset thier password just to make sure something wasnt going on there.
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