Users on a Terminal Server using great plains and adobe full

users are in great plains on a terminal server.   they make a quote and print to PDF.  Open the PDF using full adobe and digitally sign before sending out to customer.

1.we want to be certain that great plains can do this okay.
2. that all 4 users can concurrently be in the adobe full at the same time.
3. what do you call licneses that allow concurrent access.
4. what version of adobe do you place on a terminal server for concurrent access.
5. are there any limitations that need pointing out about this strategy.
6.  can adobe reader do a digital sign to avoid buying the full version ?
7.  are we acting out a plan that is in line with what others would do and recommed ?
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meugenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you try to install the application using "Add New Programs" from "Add or Remove Wizards"  you will be able to use Adobe in concurrent mode.
Or you can use "Change user /install".
Ref licences and what product you might need, i think the best soruce is Adobe, so get in contact with them, they will help you, for sure.
bhamguy3131Author Commented:
okay , explain that wizard thing a little more  ???
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