I cannot logon to Blackberry server

We have windows SBS 2003 and exchange 2003 which works as primary server. We have another Blackberry exchange server. For some reason it doesn't logon with blackberry administrator a/c. It gives the error shown in screenshot. However I can ping that server which confirms that its connected to network.

Any suggestions?

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MikealclConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Someone deleting the computer account sounds correct for the error.  Unless you have some special backup software for active directory you will probably have to disjoin and rejoin the BES server to the domain using a local administrator account.  After that it might just start working again not sure.  I can't think of any reason why BES would care what the SID in AD is.

btw vnc is evil clear text authentication, why not use terminal services? ;)
My guess is the computer account has been deleted or corrupted in AD.

Look in AD and see if the computer account is still there.

If it is, then try resetting it:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc778276.aspx
neilchearAuthor Commented:
I don't see the computer account for blackberry server. I can only see the Besadmin user id under active directory users.

Note:Besadmin is the user name for blackberry administrator.

neilchearAuthor Commented:
I have rejoined BES server to the domain and now can logon.

Thank you indeed.

Are you backing up active directory with a system state backup?  If so, you could restore the besadmin account using directory services restore mode on the domain controller - This will allow you to recover the besadmin account

if you are squeamish about this, then you will have to recreate another besamin account and disjoin and rejoin the bes server to the domain
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