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Account Name Change not quite working . . .

I have a client who like to pass on legacy EMails to new employees.  As a result, they rename users who leave to the new user's name.

One problem that this causes, is that the original user's name still shows up in Exchange.

ie Sally leaves and is replaced by John.  A user picks John's name from the GAL.  In the EMail it shows John <Sally>.

I have changed the name, the alias and the x400 address, rebooted the server, deleted any legacy nicknames within Outlook.  It still happens.

What am I missing?

1 Solution
How are you passing the mails to the new employees?
NEMCAuthor Commented:
The AD Account is simply renamed, so (typicaly) the account has the old EMail SMTP address as well as the new EMail address.  The new address is set as default.

The X.500 stuff is all renamed to the new address.
* This really is the the best practice to be followed to create accounts for new joiners by renaming AD account of the users who have left the organization.
* However, if it works fine like this and if the display name is the only issue faced by you then I'd suggest you to change it at the following places:
1) Search for that user in ADUC and Right click & select 'Rename'
2) Go to the properties of that AD account and change the name in the General tab
3) Under Exchange General tab, rename the Alias.
4) Rename it in the Email Address tab
5) If users account is set up to configure X.400 & X.500 protocol via Recipient Policy from ESM then DELETE the existing X.400 & X.500 entry along with the old email address and any other existing records for that old user.
Check the check box in the Email Addresses tab to allow recipient policies to be applied.


Force replication of recipient policies and you should now be able to resolve this users name in the correct manner.

Let us know if this does not help.

Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

Sorry, my 1st point in the above post is wrong. What I actually meant to say was:

* This really is NOT the the best practice to be followed to create accounts for new joiners by renaming AD account of the users who have left the organization.
i have the same request from clients where they want a user to "take over" an existing user and wish it renamed. renaming the ad account acheives it but on most occasions the change is not "seen" by everyone else for some considerable time.

1)in exchange system manager, locate the offline address book, select the default addess book and choose rebuild. from the right click menu.

2) in outlook client, choose tools, send and receive, then "download addressbook" this refreshes the client as often the change on the server is not seen on the client till this process is completed. (it does happen automatically at regular intervals

if this process shows the user in the gal with the correct name on one client outlook then you can be sure that other clients will pickup the change as people logoff/on send mail etc and the gal updates are processed.

i do not normally do a recipent policy update as all my users have the "auto update from policy" in ad, disabled. this is to circumvent a peculiarity of exchange and its interaction were a domainname is held on multiple servers (more than one site/exchange server has companyname.com assigned to it.)
NEMCAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in getting back to the question.  I've tried pretty much everything.  Rebuilding the GAL, deleting all EMail addresses assigned to the user and what I've found is this:

Everything looks good in OWA.
Everything looks good in a newly created login/Outlook profile on a workstation.  IE, I have a user login at a workstation they've never used before; Create a new profile, and everything is correct.

It does NOT work for all existing users with their existing profile.  So it appears that they are not downloading the changes in the GAL.

In their address books within Outlook the GAL shows the wrong/old name.  The ALL USERS selection shows the correct name.

Short of recreating every user's profile, is there a fix for this?



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