Tool to record streaming video?

Is there a tool to record streaming video (an open source tool)?  I have been trying CamStudio, but can't seem to get any audio when I record.  Thanks!
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's your sound card , cam staudio does not support  hardware based SoundMax Digital Audio. and  Realtek HD Audio  if you can't replace the sound card with something like a creative the only work around I know of is to buy a small tool that will create a virtual sound card
Total Recorder
and try this freeby

same problem here
and here
and even  have now started posting this problem on youtube

Sorry matey it's the nature of OEM systems they dont provide the best onboard hardware/software.

Hi jianxin9,
An open source tool well don't know... lets check if your system has what you need.
Your first comment>
I  have been trying CamStudio, but can't seem to get any audio when I record. << maybe I can help on this one to start with.
If you could provide your system specs as we can't see what you have there helps,
some systems bundle with poor audio cards ie half duplex audio cards so the stereo mix maybe missing or it's missing a crucial piece. Without this feature you will not be able record from the speakers.
Open camstudio go to Options and make sure it's ticked to record audio from speakers.
let me know if you have the stereo mix ok.
Look at the master volume open the options tab then put it on recording looks kinda like this, is there a stereo mix?
Put it back to playback and apply.


jianxin9Author Commented:
thanks for posting!  when i select "record audio from speakers" this error pops up
jianxin9Author Commented:
That's coolio--I appreciate the help!
Your welcome !!
 good luck with it :)
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