free memory command

hello there,
I am trying to get the same results on freebsd as I get them in linux..
how can I do that?
[(05:00 PM)][(root@dedicated)] [(~)] $ free -bt
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:    2115526656 1922269184  193257472          0  155131904  961261568
-/+ buffers/cache:  805875712 1309650944
Swap:   1077501952     184320 1077317632
Total:  3193028608 1922453504 1270575104
[(05:00 PM)][(root@dedicated)] [(~)] $ free -bt | grep buffers\/cache | awk '{print $3}'
[(05:00 PM)][(root@dedicated)] [(~)] $ free -bt | grep buffers\/cache | awk '{print $4}'

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I have already answered it on ID:23916230 and specifying the same again in this thread. Please see below:

Get the following file on your freebsd box
bash# mv /usr/local/bin/free
bash# chmod +x /usr/local/bin/free
bash# /usr/local/bin/free ( Note: Perl need to be installed)
XK8ERAuthor Commented:
both questions are totally different so you cannot answer the same!
Yes I noticed it after I submit it. Sorry about that.
You may try "top" command or "sysctl -a | grep -i memory".

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XK8ERAuthor Commented:
so how exactly can I get the same results on a freebsd system?
Memory manager is different. Use Linux if you do not like FreeBSD, or use SNMP for more generic and unified view of different systems.
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