How do I stop windows briefcase from trying to update a file when I have deleted that file?

I was trying to update a Microsoft Access 2007 file in my brifcase but it does not handle that version.  I deleted the file but my briefcase is till trying to update it.  How do I stop Briefcase from trying to update it?
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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Is there an additional file associated with the database that is still there?
Did you delete the file in both the host and the briefcase?
Another approach, if the briefcase has lost its bearings or somehow corrupted is to delete it and then re-create it. You need to be *very* sure you have the full set of files in the Host data store.
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dsherman123Author Commented:
Actually I thought I had deleted the original file from the folder it was trying to sychronize but it was still there.  OInce I removed it from the host folder I was fine.  My bad.  Stupid error.  Thanks.
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