url explore

is there any programme can find hole url for any site??
EX. http://www.experts-exchange.com
programme will tell me that
has url
and ........    and ........ and .... and ...
hope to get my ponit
i want that programma some site dose show u the sgin up url
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You can use a sitemap generator site to do this, one is:

Hugh FraserConsultantCommented:
If you're looking for a tool to do a spider through a web site and list all the linked URLs, there are many programs to do this, check for borken links, etc.. What platform are you looking for?
kaza_novaAuthor Commented:
hi thx for help
hfraser: it not that i wnat to spider any site
but this site limet only for user unless you get the sgin up link
plz can u tell me more about broken link
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kaza_novaAuthor Commented:
site with url like www.yahoo.com will work but site like  will not work u can try it any idea to sgin up in site like this???
Hugh FraserConsultantCommented:
Broken links are links in a document to other pages that don't exist. Tools like:


will scan your web site and check all the links, reporting back broken links, links to documents that are forbidden, etc..

The inverse of broken links are orphaned links, or documents on your web site that have  no links to them, and therefore cannot be located through from the site's home page. To find these, you need access to the repository that contains the content. Tools like linkcheck can locate orphaned files if they're stored as files. Content management systems are more difficult to check.
kaza_novaAuthor Commented:
1st thx for try
i have no soultion yat all site you give to me worke with Search Engine
so if site or domin not join with any search engine you will hav no ruslte
site like this  or

any idea for site like this???
who we can find all linke to this domin??
Hugh FraserConsultantCommented:
It will be difficult to recognize a login screen for a web site. You could, I suppose, look for the word "login" in the content or filename. There are many tools that will fetch the content of a page, like wget or httrack, but I do not know of a reliable criteria for identifying a login form.

Have I understood your question correctly? You want to find the login page for a web site?

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