Mouse not working in Terminal Server session but keyboard is working

I had a user tell me that his mouse is not working when he connects to my terminal server.  His keyboard is apparently working.  I have never seen this happen.  I logged in using his account from my computer, and my mouse and keyboard work fine.  Anyone ever experienced this?  We are using Windows XP service pack 3 to terminal into a Windows Server 2003 R2 server.
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syn_digillaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
As I suspected, this turned out to be user error.  Unfortunately, I do not have the details, becuase the user's IT department discovered the problem and assisted the user in resolving it.
Hi syn_digilla,

Have you tried install a mouse software on his machine? Is he a left hand user or right hand?

Below link may halp a little.

Good luck.
syn_digillaAuthor Commented:
I am waiting for the user to rspond to a list of questions that I sent to him.

What browser is he using (including version)?
Does he use the standard Windows mouse cursor, or did he change it to a custom cursor?
Is the mouse cursor visible?
What OS is he using (including version)?
Does he use right-hand or left-hand orientation for his mouse?
Has he installed any mouse software of any type?
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