How do I remove a decommissioned Terminal Services License server?

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I have had a Terminal Services License server that was decommissioned, I did not remove the Terminal Server licensing role before I did that. I already got a new one up and its working but when I start it up it looks for the old one that is gone, is there a way that I can remove that so it doesn't look for it anymore without bringing up the old server and removing it from add/remove programs?
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Open the Active Directory Sites and Services console, expand Sites, highlight your site in the left pane. In the right pane, you should now see (among others) an entry "TS-Entrprise-License-Server". Double-click it, change the license server to the new one.


Perfect, thanks!
I don't have a "TS-Enterprise-License-Server". entry just "License site settings".

But my TSLS is still trying to connect to an old server??

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