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Domain user is denied access to folder even though they have full access permissions

A strange issue has recently occured and I cannot find a solution, so I am hoping you experts can help!

Network: Windows domain with ~80 users all on XP Pro boxes
Primary DC is also a file server and hosts a share \\server\data

within this folder departments access files via directory folders, e.g.: \\server\data\finance

recently a user tried to access their folder, which they have been able to always, and received access denied error.

when I was first asked to fix this, I repaired network connection, registered dns, reset her password and logged her in and was successful accessing the folder...  so I thought ok, some network connection fluke, seems fine now.

Today it happened again and I cannot solve it.. I have confirmed that the user has full access to the folder, and the root share is open to everyone with full access. The user is a member of a group which has full permission to the folder as well.

Please help!

P.S: This user can access the \\server\data folder
I logged in on their computer and can access all folders using my account name
I logged her in on my computer and access is denied to the folder still
1 Solution
Based on your troubleshooting, it seems certain that the issue lies with permissions for the user, not an issue with their computer.

Have you tried using the "effective permissions" tool for the problem folder to see if there is some group the user is associated with that is blocking permission?

Effective permissions is located in folder properties --> security tab --> Advanced button --> Effective permissions, then search for that user.  I know that I ran into a similar problem when I accidentally added a user to a group that had a "Deny" permission that superceeded normal file access.
CoSmismgrAuthor Commented:
Disabled the user account, enabled it and now she can access it. Strange, I know...
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