XP system restore stopped

I am trying to help my brother long distance and he had some malware that got loaded.  He tried to do a system restore.  He said it got to the point saying it was restoring to the earlier point but just stopped.  He shut it down and restarted it.  He said that his battery light was blinking but come to find out it was his drive light.  
Now when he tries to restart it blue screens and says windows was shut down to protect it from futher harm (? not verbatum).
He can start in safe mode and run system restore but it stops in the same place and never recovers.

Any help appreciated.
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Have him install Ad-Aware (www.lavasoft.com) AND Spybot Search and Destroy (www.spybot.com). Both are available for free, and do an excellent job of detecting and removing malware.

I recommend he run BOTH packages, as each will find and remove things that the other does not.

MPCSAuthor Commented:
Do you think the mal/spyware is keeping it from running the system restore?
It isn't too far-fetched to think that a mal/spyware is keeping it from restoring, and it also isn't too far-fetched it is blood on Microsoft's hands either.
A system restore from this point may not be beneficial. If it is Spyware, most of it sits on the machine for a little while before it acts up (trojans etc.)
Spyware removal tools would be the way to go, along with BigPhule's recomendation try SuperAntiSpyware, www.superantispyware.com  - this tends to pick up a few things that the other 2 do not!

Does the machine currently still refuse to boot normally? If so, the best (safest) plan of action would be to run all the antispy / malware tools and try to boot normally. Then try a repair install.
Hope this helps! Keep us up to date!
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MPCSAuthor Commented:
Just found out that the system actually boots to completion but gets the error as soon as he tries to open any program.
Any program? That sounds like it could be in the registry, or a result of the system restore...
A repair install may not fix that (suprised if it would), the only thing that would could be a system restore (that works to completeion).
Is there any message for the system restore not working? Or any thing in the Event Viewer (Right click My Computer, Click Manage. Eventviewer (System and Application)
Do you get the error in safe mode? Have you tried scanning for viruses in safe mode?
If he can download MalwareBytes and do a scan, or download using another pc if it has no internet connection, see if it runs, also try and rename it if it doesn't run on first go.
Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware to your desktop. check for Updates before scanning.

what was the blue screen code?
MPCSAuthor Commented:
We tried everything.  All of the malware and adware programs. Windows repair.  All with the same results.  I became somewhat of a quest but with no luck.  He had good back ups and we did a  full rebuild.

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