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I am attempting to create a sort of master super user for my web application. One of the features of this super user is that he/she should be able to look at and edit other active users' session information. I already have the application set up so it stores every SessionID in an application-level variable so I can see all active session identifiers. Can I use this information to actually look inside and/or edit the session information for another user? If not, is there another method I can use to do this?
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Russ SuterAsked:
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wassa_rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The easiest solution is to create your own session handler, that stores the session in the database. You then can easily access the data.

You can also use session_id() to change your current session id to an editors session id, but that's a bit tricky..
Then i read you're using .NET, disregard the part about session_id().
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