Soft icecubes

Can you make soft icecubes at home,  like the ones you buy in the bag at a gas station?  
ie:  the icecubes look cloudy and are easy to crush.   Ice cubes made a home are hard and clear.

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Al JeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure  I buy that "ice types" thing. I think there's some leg-pulling going on.

The colder ice is the harder is becomes [to a point of course].
A lot of ice from gas stations is just barely at 32F (0C) so it isn't as hard and doesn't last as long.
If the ice is cloudy it usually means there are tiny air bubbles in it [or the water had some particulate matter in it].

Store your ice at 32F for a day or two. It will soften.
Ice Types
We've already spoken of the impact the size of ice has on the enjoyment that can be generated from a Pepsi. As we look in more detail, the type of ice also has an impact. Ice can be categorized as "soft" or "hard". Soft ice is really ice that has the ability to absorb moisture - primarily through the penetration of the moisture through the body of the ice, not unlike the way in which water penetrates a sponge. The lower the temperature used to create the ice, the softer it is perceived.
Hard ice, on the other hand is not penetrable and offers only the external surface for cooling of the Pepsi liquid. This makes the ice last longer but does not provide as cooling an effect on the Pepsi as soft ice.

Soft ice is preferred by Pepsi purists. Almost as a by-product, soft ice left behind after the Pepsi is gone provides a residual taste of the Pepsi. As the penetrated areas of the ice are melted, residual Pepsi droplets are released. In surveys, 87% of all dentists prefer soft ice over hard ice for those patients of theirs who chew ice.

HJohnsonAuthor Commented:
nice to know, but can I make "soft ice" at home?
Yes, Try adjusting the temperature on your freezer so it is not as cold.
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