Making a table top reflection out of text in Photoshop CS3

The attached file shows the word War with an inverted duplicate which I would like to turn into a table top reflection. The word (which of course can be converted to a shape if necessary) has bevel and emboss, and a gradient overlay. How do I :   1) make it fade out appropriately while maintaining the look created by the effects, and 2) give it a trapezoidal type perspective, so that it's wider at the bottom than the top?


John CarneyReliability Business Tools Analyst IIAsked:
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put your inverted text in a new layer MAKE IT FADE , there are some diffrenet ways:
ONE: 1. place your inverted text's layer under your basic text
..... 2. creat a new layer between these two
.....3. use rectangular marquee tool (press M) to select a rectangle around your inverted text
.....4. use paint bucket (press G)  Hold down Alt key to select your desk color (wich is black in your attached image)
....5. release Alt and fill the rectangular area with that color
....6.use Erase (press E)  pick an airbrush ,set the width to almost half of your rectangle , set the opacity to 30%
.....7.Click on the up and right side of your rectangle (outside it )once Hold shift and click on the up left side.
here are two screenshots for the fade effect
for the perspective effect:
If you are doing this after the fade effect first u should merge the colored layer and inevrted taxt layer
to do this :
 1. hide all other layers so that only INVERTED TEXT layer and Rectangle colored layer are visible the tiny triangle up and right corner of layer window and select merge visible
OK now u can unhide all other layers
to get the perspective effect select your merged layer of inverted text layer
----> from the menu choose EDIT---> transform--->perspective
click the right down active point and drag it to right and lef to get your desired shape

John CarneyReliability Business Tools Analyst IIAuthor Commented:
Thanks, padeshahoo, I really appreciate it!

- John
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