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I need to host an Intranet localy on my Microsoft WebServer 2008 and I dont know how to define which ISP connection do I need? How to setup.

We will be 40 users at the same time max. on a very simple ASP.NET Intranet application with a MS SQL server 2008.

Do I need more than 800kbs upload connection or an ADSL/ Cable Hight speed connection is enought?

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Jian An LimConnect With a Mentor Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Speed is really determine by the user.
compare from running locally and remotely, they will able tell you they are slow or not.

Usually, it will be slower but it up to the user to determine it is workable or in a not workable stages...

Of course, the speed will be much slower.

For Fibre channel over cooper cable or optic fiber, the speed we are talking is from 400MB/s to 2000 MB/s
 , it is more to server backbone ... or 2 major switches.

Put it this way, even the speed is 512/512, the user will still able to work. Just Lower then it should. if you put more in, the faster it will be. But compare to LAN speed, you won't able to meet that capability if you want to run on Net.

it is just a bottle neck on the Internet
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
it is really depends.

Usually the ISP will allow you to up your speed (check with your ISP) if you find your speed is slow
Usually you will need a SDSL (means upload and download is the same, eg 512/512) but you should ask your ISP what is your option.

I will start with 512/512 and see whether it will kill your internet connection or net. or else go for 1024/1024
SilvertreAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks, but how can i know which between my server or my upload connection is slow?

how can i measure how much kbs do we need to define my upload connection speed.

why business install fiber connection?

im wondering how and what i have to know about Internet connection speed before setting up my network

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