Proliant memory upgrade

Im looking for advice on a memory upgrade.

I have two HP DL360 G5s that currently have 12 gigs of memory each.  The memory consists of four 2 gig sticks and four 1 gig sticks.  All slots are now full. I also have two 4 gig sticks that are available and I can use them or buy new depending on what works best.  I would like to end up with 16 gigs of memory in each server.  It would be great if, in future, the ram could be added to, if necessary, in the most economical way (simply adding without removing what is already in use) .

Whats the best approach to upgrade the memory now and have the ability to add more later if needed?
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MPCP-BrianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends on the memorytpye and what the server requires. Some memory must be installed in pairs, others allow a mix and match.
From the sound of the setup you have it is likely pairs, but it could be coincidence. The Memory scanner at will tell you if you need to install 2 or if you can put one in.
I would start by upgrading the smaller (1 GIG) sticks to a larger (but not the largest because of over-pricing) amount of RAM. (likely 4 Gig)
Crucial has an amazing memory testing software that will explain what your capacity is, the best type of Memory you can purchase (Speed-wise) and will give you pretty decent pricing (I've only seen better at FRY's).
Hope this helps!
The price of ram is cheap. I would upgrade the 1GB sticks to 4GB sticks (as Brian stated above). I would then continue to buy 4GB sticks to fill the slots as needed - this way you will never have to upgrade the ram from 2GB to 4GB in the future if you require this.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
rayraympAuthor Commented:
Do I need to upgrade all of the 1 gig sticks at once or can I upgrade one pair in each server?  For instance could I have two 4 gig sticks, four two gig sticks and two 1 gig sticks.  
Thanks for the quick reply.
rayraympAuthor Commented:
Thanks Brian, appreciate the help.
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