How to run on centos

Centos 5, I have installed the product via the command "python install", that completed successfully, how to run it and configure it from there, i do not know....Plz help, I dont use centos and my OS, but my online pc does.  Hellanzb is a usenet client with nzb file support.
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Rance_HallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hellanzb is a script based tool, and according to your documentation, you installed the hellanzb python module that can run as a standalone app.

normally this would mean that you get a command line window (via an ssh session if the box is remote) and issue the command "hellanzb" and the program would start.

(this only works if hellanzb is installed in your $PATH)

There are also gui's listed on the hellanzb website that you can download and install

best bet to learn to use a new app is go to and read the documentation and practice.

Deepak KosarajuDevOps EngineerCommented:
whats the software u installed. can u give us URL where u downloaded the software.
ericoreAuthor Commented:
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