why is my gigabit network card running slowly?

I've got a file server with 2 NICs at home. One NIC is 10/100 and plugged into a hub so it's accessible from all computers on the network. The other NIC is 1Gbit and is plugged directly into my main PC with a CAT6 crossover cable. This is so I can transfer large files at higher speeds between the two computers.

However when testing speeds with a large file last night, both NICs seemed to transfer at the same speed (30-40Mb/s). I checked the connection, Windows reports the gigabit connection is running at that speed and the LEDs on the NIC indicate that it is running at full speed.

I'm wondering if it's the hardware on the file server. It's only a Celeron 400Mhz, 192Mb, IDE HDD running FreeNAS embedded.

Anyone have a suggestion as to why this isn't working as expected?
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Just don't expect it to do more 40mb/s is pretty good compared to the maximum reading and writing time of a ATA hard-disk witch i think u are using in at least 1 of your pc's.

40mb/s is allready > 300mbit.
I think it's just becouse the hardware on the server can't handle more..

are u sure it's getting to 40mb / second becouse a 10/100mbit nic won't do more than 12mb / second.
tullochsupportAuthor Commented:
Thank you for clearing that up! I was mixing up my Megabits and Megabytes...

Odd though that the 10/100 NIC was transferring so fast. I have just tested again and can confirm that the FreeNAS transfer speed graph was reporting the 10/100 connection transferring at around 30MB/s. The gigabit connection achieves 40MB/s so I guess that's an improvement?
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tullochsupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick answer!
from my perspective... "1Gbits" is means for 500Mbits in and 500Mbits out. Not 1Gbits in and 1Gbits out.
If you got 300Mbits... I think you got the best effort from your system. It is better that 100Mbits right?

NIC provides best effort for the speed not constantly top speed.
I oppologize if I am wrong.
the 10/100mbit will not be able to transfer more than 12MB/s = 100Mbit
the 1gbit will be able to transfer around 120MB/s = 1000Mbit

current ATA harddisk controlers will be able to get 133MB/s (SATA can do way more)
but the fact is that ATA harddisks running at speeds like 5400rpm or 7200rpm can not do more than a avarage of around 50MB/s so 40MB/s is a nice speed for the transfer.

so check if your measure is in MB/s and not in Mbit/s becouse 1MB = 8Mbit.. try to transfer a file from like 100mb and see if it takes 3 seconds, or 20 (if it takes like 20.. your measure is in Mbit)
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