What is the best troubleshooting procedure for a Blackberry Server? Out of 10, I have two devices that don't receive emails, and/or receive them late. Any suggestions?

Using SBS2003 with Exchange Server, on a separte server using BES.
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Kurt_BraeckmansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some questions :
Did you resend the service books to the devices?
Did you regenerate the encryption key on the devices?
Do the devices receive an error when they try to send?

I always try to start with:
Is the device still active EDGE/GPRS (in capitals) 3G/....
Does a resend of the service books helps.
Does the BB receives an error when sending a mail?
Does PIN to PIN messages work?
The last step is wipe and redo an enterprise activation.
In most of the times this is an overkill for solving this kind of problem. Sometimes it's the only solution you have.

For this issue we would suggest that you reset the device, ie: take the battery out from both of those devices after powering them off.

Wait for a couple of minutes and then reinsert the battery and power on the devices and then on the BES server Reset the activation password for both the users.

Once this is done then do the Enterprise Activation for each of them with their Primary SMTP email address and the password that you have set on the server.

These steps should fix the issue for you. Let me know how this works.
After rereading your question:
Is the time on the Blackberry correct?
Correct timezone?
gabepcsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Yes, the time and zone are the first things I checked.

I'll get back to you in a few, let me try the steps you guys suggest.
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