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We are in the process of remodeling our office and converting to a VOIP phone system. We plan on running new cat5e cable for our two offices. Can we daisy chain our RJ45 jacks for the telephones without risking packet loss/collisions? Would running a home run to the switch from each voice drop be better?
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its always recommended to have a seperate drop one for VOIP and one for Data.  However, if this is not possible, you could do the unthinkable and split the pairs. Blue and brown pairs are traditionally used for voice can be terminated as ethernet pins 1236 on both ends while orange and green can still be used for the traditional ethernet pin out on a different jack but still pinned out to 1236.  This method would work with real no physical layer issues but you can only get 10baseT and 100baseT as gig ethernet will require all 4 pairs.

Another solution would be depending on the voip phones is to utilize an empty LAN port on some voip phones to bridge your data through the phone.  This will require your phone to tag the ethernet frames from the host device with a particuliar VLAN id while the native VLAN will handle the voip traffic.  This of course depends on your anticpated network topology and the types of phones you will beusing


Thank you for your quick response. We will run a drop for each connection and steer clear of having to split the pairs.

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