Crashed SATA hard drive PLS HELP

Got up the other morning and computer wouldn't boot up. Got the Dell Bios screen then the following...
Loading PBR Descriptor 2......
A Disk Read Error has occured, press Cntl + Alt +Del to reboot.
Pressing CNTL + Alt +Del only repeated the cycle.
Ran the dell diagnostics from cd boot options. Gave Error Code 7 and the hard drive failed its test.
Next I booted from windows xp cd and went into Repair and ran chkdsk.
After 24 hours chkdsk was only 5% completed.
Gave up on that, powered off, rebooted to repair from the xp cd and this time I ran fixmbr.
Now when I powered up I got then Dell Bios screen and then nothing at all, no error code just a black screen with an underscore cursor flashing in upper left corner. Sigh.

So I went a bought a new Sata Hard drive, took the old one out, and installed the new one and reisntalled windows xp clean. Computer running great but 5 years of my critical data gone. I was given the advice of installing the "bad" hard drive in my computer as a slave in order recover the data. Did not know how to do that so i just installed the "bad" hard drive as a 2nd hard drive and plugged it into port 2 on motherboard. New Hard drive went into Port 0. Went back into setup and enabled SATA DRIVE 2 in BIOS and rebooted.
Windows took FOREVER to load (THe Windows Splash Screen with the blue bars flashing side to side was active for ten mins.) Finally windows was up.
BIOS recongnized the old drive on PORT2, and Device manager recognized it by name and put the drivers in but Windows explorer did not show the drive nor did Disk Manager. And it took Disk Manager 10 minutes to "work", and still did not show the "old" drive.
I was very dumb and disabled system restore on my xp to improve performance. Last time i will ever do that. Does anyone know how to slave this old hard drive or how to recover the data. Both my drives are SATA and there are no jumpers or ribbons and I cant seem to get any answers on how to do it.
Please help if you can!
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you can try and boot into windows with the sata cable disconnected from the broken drive.. (leave the power connector connected) after windows is bootted plug in the sata cable into the broken drive.. and see if windows finds the drive.
This is how I save the data on a broke disk (sounds very much like a crashed hard drive). Since your new computer is set up with a new hard drive you are half way there.

You'll need to move quick to get this to work.

First get your computer running and ready to connect your old hard drive to the 2nd sata port. Just have the cable hanging out of your computer and ready to hook it up along with a sata power cable.

Take the bad drive and put it in your freezer. Yes really. Put it in the freezer for about 4 hours or overnight, long enought to get frozen.

With the computer on and ready to use, take the drive from the freezer and hook it in to the  sata cable and power. Open my computer folder and hope that you see a new drive pop up. Find the data you want to save and move it to your new drive.

Do this quickly because if the drive warms up too much it may stop working again. Don't physically touch the drive while the power to the computer is on because it will begin to condensate and may shock you. If you need to remove it withing a few hours of getting it out of the fridge then power the computer down before disconnecting. Good luck.
TDKDTechnical LiaisonCommented:
Unfortunately the drive sounds like it is too far gone to even work as a secondary drive. If you really need the data then you can send it to a place that specializes in data recovery, one such company is drive savers,

I hope this help,
Tony D.

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if you are lucky, you can repair the disk drive by replacing it's logic board; look for the same model, with the same code
otherwise, since in this case seemingly no software will help, i recommend these guys if you need your data :      

in case you want to try recovery soft, here some links :,collid,1295,00.asp            Free Recovery                  pc Inspector -free                                    Stellar                                    GetDataBack                                    Ontrack                              RecoverMyFiles                                    Restorer 2000

btw - disabling system restore would NOT have helped in this case, since the disk is bad...
ditkaguyAuthor Commented:
Tried Wassa's solution - Windows did not pick up the drive after plugging it in to the motherboard. The cursor did do a bit of hourglassing however. Thanks for your advice but it didnt work.

I am about to try bbod's suggestion now - hard drive been in freezer for 4 hours, here I go... all fingers and toes crossed..
TDKDTechnical LiaisonCommented:
lol....make some ice cream while your at
ditkaguyAuthor Commented:
SIGH, did the freezer thing. Was real careful, took my grill tongs and wrapped the ends in rubberbands and set the frozen drive down on "hard drive wrap" plastic that came with the new hard drive. Plugged in the power then plugged in the sata cable. There was some activity, high pitched whir (which has been absent) and some clunking and clicking. Nothing appeared in My Computer. After about 2 mins I restarted windows xp.
Same old thing - the windows splash screen with left to right bars took a solid 10 mins then windows came up. Windows Explorer, My Computer, and Disk Manager showed no additional hard drive. I am sooo bummed out right now.

Gonna re-freeze old hard drive for 24 hours this time and try again. If that still doesn't work I guess I'll be paying big bucks for a third party recovery as suggested by TDKD and Nobus. If I am going to have to spend money I will just go straight to third party recovery rather than trying to buy an exact replica of the drive and swapping logic boards as suggested by Nobus.

This is the worst thing to ever happen to me in 20 years of computing I am SOO MAD AT MYSELF for not backing up data - I guess I am now humbled because I thought I was such an expert that I could always keep my systems running so good that I'd never have a crash. GFRRRRR @^$@&$^@
TDKDTechnical LiaisonCommented:
Its not your fault, happens to the best of us. I assume you tried booting to a BARTS CD already? Also have you tried to use cloning software? I expect you probably stated above that the drive is not accessible via the BIOS?
ditkaguyAuthor Commented:
I don't know what BARTS is.

THe new Hard Drive that I bought has cloning software, it's a Seagate SATA 500Gb Barracuda, but the manual gives no instructions for my situation. For me to clone the "bad" hard drive to the new hard drive windows has to recognize the "bad" drive. The software is windows based. BIOS and Device Manager recognize the "bad" drive, but My Computer, Windows Explorer, and Disk Manager does not.

Thanks for your kind words and assistance my friend
TDKDTechnical LiaisonCommented:
Your very welcome, sometimes on a hardware level, the hard drive is accessible even though Windows cannot see it. Barts CD is a Pre-Windows installation disk,(just happens to be one a guy named Bart created), very user friendly. People use it to boot hard drives that have issues (depending on how bad they are) sometimes you can access it through the Pre-Windows installation GUI and backup your data.

As far as the cloning software you received with the new hard drive is concerned, if you hook both drives up and boot to the disk that came with the new hard drive, sometimes you can force a clone of a bad disk, to the new disk (just make sure you know which is which) before cloning.

You can find all the info you need here

If this is above you, I am happy to make one of Windows XP and send it to you for a try??
ditkaguyAuthor Commented:
OK, just so you know where I am at...
I have intalled a brand new SATA drive (Seagate 500gb barracuda) and re-installed windows xp.

The new hard drive is on port0 and is the boot drive, primary partition.

attempts to instal the old hard drive, Maxtor SATA 160gb (my life!) on BIOS prt 2 have been a mess.
The Bios and device manager sees it but nothing else.

BARTS seems to be a method of booting into a windows environment. I already have that problem solved. My PC is up and running with a freshi install of XP and all is well there. I just dont have any of my old data (DEATH for me, btw, lose my job, lose my reputation, etc)

When both drives are hooked up, windows takes forever to load, and still doesnt recognice the "bad" hard drive.

You previous post sounds great, but I have no clue what are suggesting to try.
Can you please be more specific please, I don;t wanna sound ungreatful, cause I am very grateful, but I am not at all sure what you are suggesting to do here.

My idea was to install my "bad" hard drive and "Mount" it to my new drive. Problem is, windows is not recognizing the "bad" drive no matter what I do.
did you read my post ?
but if you hear clunking sounds, thats the heads bumping into the head stop.
it"can" be replacing the logic helps, but if the problem is the disk surface, or the heads, then it won't
ditkaguyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Nobus, but my logic is this...if I am going to have spend money to buy another new hard drive, if I can find the exact one (5 yrs old), for the logic board, and still guarentee of success, then I might as well spend the money on a 3rd party recovery.

Hard drive in freezer for 24 hrs now - going to try again...
won't help in this case...but you're free to try
you can buy separate logic boards on the net, but be sure to have the correct model and code
TDKDTechnical LiaisonCommented:
I wouldnt play with this much more, the condition will dictate the total price for repair. I sent one in that was in a very similar state as yours and it cost me $1,800 dollars US. On that note, if they cannot retrieve your data you pay nothing usually.

P.S. I just used these guys and they were great to deal with, very understanding...

Hope this info is helpful,
Tony D.
TDKDTechnical LiaisonCommented:
Oooops...forgot the URL:
these guys are MUCH cheaper, and very good :
ditkaguyAuthor Commented:
Well I guess I am going to get the logic board if I can find one. Thanks all for you very awesome help!
if you post model and code, we might help
ditkaguyAuthor Commented:
APL MAXTOR DiamondMax Plus 9 160GB SATA / 150 HDD

wow - so many numbers on this thing..

DP / N OT4340
DS / N SG-OT4340-19661-48R-A58Z  Rev.A00

Code: YAR51HW0  K.G.B.A.

upc sticker on front of drive: Y45PGHBE FY04A
upc sticker on logic board: CADWLCYN
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