Why Panda antivirus slowing down the computers speed?

Hi all,

We deploy the Panda software for both server(s) and workstation(s) in our company.
It works OK but almost computers in our network become slowly for a few days before.
We checked and found that the Panda Antivirus is reason for this trouble. When we stop or remove this software, all the computers work better.
This trouble really effected to our business activities in our company.
We would like to send this email and hope to get your assistance for this trouble.
I saw some articles in the expert-exchange concerning about this before (begining of this year 2008) but don't have solution for it.
Hope that expert-exchange have better solution now and help us to resolve it.
Wait for your reply.

IT, Prentows Solutions

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The nature of how virus scanners work can easily slow down your computer and productivity. Personally I really like AVG because it works well and has a very small footprint on the computers (including old systems). I have personally not used Panda, but there may not be a way to speed up the systems with this software package installed due to how it operates.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
kasperprentowAuthor Commented:
Thanks Andrew,

I guess this is the first suggestion from expert-exchange and hope we will read your suggestion further.

I saw the same question as below URL:

and the consultancy from expert-exchange still not have other solution.
I will check again with our computer which slows down by the Panda.
The situation here is the panda software works fine for a long time before it effects our computer slowly. So it is difficult for us to change the antivirus (like AVG) while we did not understand the error occurred from Panda.

Kind regards,
the only suggestion i have is testing another package, like AVAST : http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html
kasperprentowAuthor Commented:
We upgraded to newest version and that helped
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