Identify Admin account usage

We recently aquired another organization.  Their domain admin account is still named "administrator' and it has a weak password. It is a server 2003 domain

We would like to rename and change its password but we do not know what services or other programs are configured to used this accounts credentials and we dont want to break anything.

Is there an easier way to find out other than checking each server and app one by one?  There are other accounts in AD with admin privlidges that we would like to disable if not needed.

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Basically each user account has a SID associated to a name(a human readable name). So if you change the name it would not affect the functionality of that account.
Ref impact of pwd and user name change: one rude solution is to change the pwd and wait for users complaints or, if you have an Events Collecting Software, e.g MOM or EventsEntry you will notice events ref bad logon of Administrator acount

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