"not appendable end marker unreadable" in backup executive 12 i

i am using symentac backup executive 12i and an hp tape auto lauder. every thing was runnig fine until a few days ago the backup jobs has been failing when i look at the media page i see a list of tapes in the tape autoloader and with this message next to it "not appendable end marker unreadable"  i have performed a quick erase on the media and placed it in the scratch media set pool but when i run a backup the backup start and after copying around 192 kb of data it stops and asks for a new empty media

can any one help
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Hedley PhillipsConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
See if this tech note helps:

Job Engine service crashes when the backup job is targeted to the tape drive.

and also this one:

Tape Media is marked as "not appendable" if the Backup Exec Job Engine stops during a backup.

Caused by the engine stopping during a job.
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